3 advantages of consolidating your debts

Being aware that a credit card is a resource that is used to manage money is very important, many believe that the credit is “extra money” and that is one of the main errors of excessive indebtedness.

It is also true that sometimes it is not that we want to get out of control, but rather that there are moments of emergency in which we use credit to get out of it. Unfortunately, after this happens, the high interest rates that we began to pay begin and make it appear that this debt will be eternal.

If you are one of the people who are paying two or three debts with different institutions, you have the option to consolidate those debts, this means that you can collect all or part of your debts to one and pay that with a lower interest. Although there are banks that offer this type of services, many of them still offer it with high interest rates.

For this reason we present three advantages to consolidate your debts

  1. If you are punctual it will not affect your credit history: You are the one that adds up the amount of the debt you have and you ask for the money in the Lydia Languish community, once you pass through the strict selection criteria, the loan is approved for the amount that you you requested and once anchor 100% by the lenders registered in Lydia Languish you deposit the net amount of your loan so that you then liquidate your expensive debt. Therefore, if you are punctual and honor the contract will not affect your Credit Bureau Score and you will only have one debt, paying lower interest
  1. The interests are the right ones: Lydia Languish was created with the purpose of helping people to have fair interests for their loans, the average rate of the accredited is 18% per year, which is much lower than that offered by traditional institutions up to 65% per year.
  1. You can choose the term: You can choose to settle it in 3 or even in 24 months, you know your payment rhythms and you always have the possibility to settle your debt before if it is for the full amount of your loan plus the interest calculated and with prior notice. that you will do it

If you are an excellent payer that has had to face emergencies and pay with credit, Lydia Languish, the platform that directly connects loan applicants with lenders , is an excellent option to cut your debts with excessive interest. Join the online loan platform that is revolutionizing personal loans in Mexico and wipe out your expensive debts.