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New kids on the block, ActionSA, who are set to challenge their first election if this year’s local elections take place, announced former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba, former acting mayor of Tshwane Abel Tau and former Ekurhuleni official Letlhogonolo Moseki as mayoral candidates of the Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni subways respectively.

In a virtual press conference on Wednesday, the party announced that Mashaba, who is also the chairman of ActionSA, beat Suraya Holt and Lincoln Machaba, 30, a former city councilor in the city of Joburg, who were arguing. also the city. of the place of candidate for mayor of Johannesburg.

Last month, ActionSA revealed nine candidates who would compete in their candidate elections to represent the party as aspiring mayors for the three subways in the upcoming local elections.

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Residents of the three subways voted both virtually and by physical ballot for the candidates of their choice.

According to ActionSA, “many residents came to support” the mayoral candidates, with Mashaba “obtaining 94% of the vote in Johannesburg”.

After his announcement as a candidate, Mashaba said: “Gauteng subways must become hubs of innovation and service delivery beacons for the rest of South Africa; residents deserve nothing less.

He took the opportunity to thank “those who participated in the historic elections of ActionSA candidates” for having trusted him as mayor of Johannesburg.

“When I was elected executive mayor of the city of Johannesburg in August 2016, the city was in a mess. The so-called world-class African city was, for many of its inhabitants, a world-class slum. From my first day in office, making Johannesburg a city its people could be proud to call home has been at the center of my three years, ”said Mashaba.

He added that in order to get Johannesburg back on track, he would prioritize:

• Re-launch the stalled downtown revitalization megaproject by working with the private sector and civil society to create shared value that encourages investment, creates employment opportunities and provides affordable and inclusive housing to residents;

• Declare corruption public enemy number one again:

• Restore #OperationBuyaMthetho and make Johannesburg dangerous for criminals;

• Streamline the overgrown city structure to ensure that we can improve service delivery by ensuring that the city’s organizational structure is responsive to the needs of residents; and

• Rebuild a competent, professional and responsible public service committed to serving with pride.

The experienced Tau, former DA regional chairman in Tshwane, who joined ActionSA last year, has managed to beat Morris Mahlaule, an accomplished business professional; and Mmaphefo Shubane; who has training in community broadcasting.

Tau said his top priority would be “to improve the lives of residents by reforming the distressed service delivery of the metro.”

“Residents are spoiled by the absent leadership of ‘ghost mayor’ Cllr Randall Williams and the colossal failures of service delivery. Under Williams, Tshwane went from crisis to crisis, the latest being widespread water shortages in the city.

“Since 2016, residents have not benefited from stable and efficient governance. The DA parachuted two mayors into the city, both mired in scandals and unable to provide services. The ANC was no better – too busy with petty political tactics instead of delivering services. Once in office, ActionSA will strive to restore residents’ confidence in local government by striving to secure the basics of service delivery in each of our communities, ”said one Tau enthusiast.

Abel Tau at the announcement of ActionSA’s subway mayoral candidates on June 15, 2021 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo: Gallo Images / Luba Lesolle

To provide quality basic services to Tshwane, Tau has pledged to prioritize:

• Improve visible service delivery by equipping front-line services with the necessary resources to deal with service-related complaints;

• Increase the visibility of the police, especially in poor communities, so that all residents finally feel and are safe;

• Increased expenditure for the maintenance and modernization of basic infrastructure to put an end to the prolonged water and electricity cuts in Tshwane;

• Implement a multi-pronged approach to housing provision to tackle the growing housing challenges in the city;

• Bring the town of Tshwane out of bankruptcy and restore financial health through improved financial controls.

In Ekurhuleni, Letlhogonolo Moseki, a communications expert with government background, defeated Eleanor Moropa, a social development practitioner; and Lerato Ngobeni, current national spokesperson for ActionSA and member of the Senate.

As a candidate for mayor of Ekurhuleni, Moseki said he was determined to create an environment in which businesses and entrepreneurs could, once again, generate much-needed jobs for residents.

“Ekurhuleni used to be the industrial center of Gauteng and our people had the dignity of working. The ANC, through bad governance, has strangled our local economy. I am ready to engage with each of our communities in Ekurhuleni to help me ensure that on election day we can vote against the ANC and start implementing a plan to improve the lives of residents. of Ekurhuleni.

To kick off a takeover for Ekurhuleni, Moseki would prioritize:

• Create an environment for employment within the city by reducing red tape and facilitating the opening of manufacturing companies there;

• Deploy entrepreneurship and opportunity centers, targeting young people and providing business support to residents;

• Increase the deployment of social development services among the poorest inhabitants; and

• create a cleaner and safer city by increasing the capacity of appropriate waste management services.

The party promises that “these are just the first changes that ActionSA-led governments would prioritize to ensure service delivery to Gauteng residents.”

“Our employees have made it clear that they face corruption, poor governance and non-existent service delivery. They demand immediate change. For this to happen, every resident of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni must take action by eliminating the ANC in the next local elections.

ActionSA praised its candidate for election, saying it was “for the first time in South African history that residents had the power to choose who would represent” a political party on the ballot. vote in local elections.

“This is a far cry from other parties that impose their preferred corrupt and incompetent political leaders on communities,” the party said.

When I was elected executive mayor of the city of Johannesburg in August 2016, the city was in a mess. The so-called world-class African city was, for many of its inhabitants, a world-class slum

Herman Mashaba

The mayoral candidates were joined by candidates elected by residents of their communities, attracting a total of 22,051 votes from communities across Gauteng.

Mashaba said the party’s list to be submitted to the South African Election Commission (IEC) included 116 candidate representatives – young people eager to serve their community, the youngest at 18, Chinedu Edward.

“Our roster also includes former MPs, former MMCs, entrepreneurs, legal professionals, law enforcement professionals – such as former Johannesburg Police Chief David Tembe – and career civil servants. , like Michael Tshishonga who, at 73, wants to come out of retirement and fight for the needs of his community, ”Mashaba said.

However, the party will have to wait for the IEC to announce whether the elections will go as planned in October or whether they will be postponed according to the recommendation of retired judge Dikgang Moseneke.

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