African countries

African countries react to global inflation [Business Africa]

In Africa, governments are stepping up their efforts to mitigate the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on the wallets of their citizens. According to UNCTAD data, no less than 25 African countries import more than a third of their wheat from Russia and Ukraine; 15 import more than half and two countries, Benin and Somalia, import 100%. So how is Africa trying to limit the impacts of this crisis?

Ghana has a robust digital economy

Ghana has recently embarked on the transformation of several public services. An identity card serves as a biometric passport and tax identification number. In this way, the country intends to mobilize domestic revenues and prosecute all those who evade taxes before the end of the year. This digital policy, which affects all sectors, must be a response to financial exclusion and the predominance of the informal sector.

The Burundian coffee sector struggles to rebound

In Burundi, coffee represents nearly 40% of export resources and provides a living for 8 million Burundians. With the failure of the privatization of the sector, the State has been leading the sector since 2019, but production figures remain low, falling from 34,000 to 6,000 tonnes for the 2021-2022 agricultural campaign. The dissatisfaction of coffee growers is growing, as well as the lack of traceability of all the actors involved in the sector.