City parks cannot yet disclose details of environmental monitors

There are over 1,000 parks, open spaces and river areas in Johannesburg, and so the mayor’s promise to have park rangers in all of them is quite exaggerated.

All the more so as there are currently only 15 forest rangers employed by the city of Johannesburg and no official plan is yet in place to implement this promise.

That’s what Ward 104 Councilor Mike Wood said.

Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo made the pledge during his state of the city address on May 4, recently citing high crime levels in public parks, but after weeks of asking the city for comment, door Speaking from Johannesburg Parks and Zoo, Jenny Moodley was only able to divulge minor details on the matter on May 28.

“The new operational budget has just been announced this week,” she said. Randburg Sun.

“We hope to get clarification next week on the budget allocations for the acquisition of additional environmental monitors who will be trained as field officers and have peace officer status. There will always be a dependency on JMPD to enforce the rules, but this team will certainly be better equipped. “

Fontainebleau Park is just one of many in Joburg that has been taken over by waste pickers and the homeless. Photo: Nicolas Zaal

She said more information would be revealed to the media in due course and that she could not say how many parks there are in the city, nor how much money these rangers (or environmental monitors) will cost taxpayers by. equipment and wages.

Waste pickers and the homeless have taken over the Fontainebleau park. Photo: Nicolas Zaal

In response, Wood said he was disappointed that more information was not yet available to the public.

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