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Dean Akinjobi at BOSE: Betting Companies Should Look to African Markets to Engage Audiences

Following the revisions of the Gambling Act of 2005, an increase in sponsorship in the digital space is starting to emerge.

Speaking to SBC reporter Jessie Sale at Betting on Sports Europe, Dean Akinjobi, CEO of Football media, shared his thoughts that if a sports betting sponsorship ban takes place, these companies will need to think about smarter ways to engage their audiences.

“The digital space is going to be absolutely huge, so you’ll see sponsor money go digital. But also, you will find clubs working with betting brands or maybe markets that they were not aware of before.

Akinjobi saw African and Asian countries as key emerging markets and predicted that betting companies will focus on reaching regional agreements in these areas.

“Overall I think it will be very difficult,” he continued. “But it’s one of those things the industry is aware of, and we should all collectively figure out how to get the best solution.”

“It’s going to be a bumpy road. The future of sports sponsorship as a whole when it comes to betting is going to be difficult. “

Additionally, responding to what we can expect from Football Media in 2022, Akinjobi said the brand is focused on the international development of the company, again, particularly in the African market.

“We have a huge presence in Africa, we do a lot of things in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, working with a number of big betting brands. Some of the brands that are in Europe, bringing them to the continent, we also have a team of people there.

“With the World Cup coming up in 2022 it’s going to be huge, you can expect some really interesting activations, more sponsorships and some really interesting things from us.”