Delta Drone International enters Mali to deliver LiDAR for Barrick Gold

The global drone-as-a-service provider, Delta Drone International Limited (ASX: DLT)
expand corporate mining operations in Mali after being named by multinational gold mining company Barrick Gold for advanced light sensing and telemetry (LIDAR) services.

Rocketmine, Delta Drone International’s dedicated corporate mining brand, will provide fully outsourced service to Barrick Gold via a fleet of mining-specific drones and expert mining pilots, which will deploy LIDAR capabilities progress to examine options for expanding mine sites in the region.

The week-long operation will provide Barrick Gold with the data it needs to guide decision-making, while continuing to focus on their day-to-day mining operations. Rocketmine, will also manage the requirements needed by Mali’s local civil aviation authority, the National Civil Aviation Agency to ensure that all services performed at the site are compliant.

Although of low dollar value (25,000 Australian dollars), the contract adds to Delta Drone International’s list of countries of operation with 11 countries using Delta Drone International’s services.

Delta Drone International CEO Christopher Clark said:

“The addition of Mali to our growing global footprint is a testament to the knowledge and value that our team of mining experts at Rocketmine provide to our customers. “

“By understanding the needs of our customers, the industry in which they work and their local drone rules and regulations, allows them to focus on their day-to-day business operations, while we provide the data necessary to guide the decision-making process. high level decision. “
“We look forward to starting our partnership with Barrick Gold and showing them the breadth of ways drones can improve mining operations for companies. “

About Delta Drone International

Delta Drone International is a multinational provider of drone-based data services and technology solutions for the mining, agricultural and engineering industries. It provides aerial surveys and mapping, security and surveillance, as well as explosion monitoring and fragment analysis through a fully outsourced service with AI and rapid data processing that enables businesses clients to focus on ground operations while Delta Drone International takes care of everything in the air. .

It has in-house proprietary technology, an R&D and integration center and specialized expertise in the design, development and supply of first-rate autonomous security systems for commercial drone deliveries, drone flights for crowd surveillance and in urban areas, as well as’ beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

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