Marabi Wed, 21 Jul 2021 20:09:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Marabi 32 32 At least 9 people injured in 2 toll road crashes in Lancaster County Wed, 21 Jul 2021 19:55:29 +0000

Two crashes in Lancaster County along the highway closed a section of the Pennsylvania toll highway and left between 9 and 15 people injured.

The first crash involved a single vehicle and a semi-trailer near km 290 just before 1 p.m. – no injuries were reported in that crash, according to emergency dispatch services.

The second crash in Brecknock Township on Wednesday afternoon was much more serious and may have been caused by the slowdown in traffic since the initial crash.

The second crash involved a car transporter, two semi-trailers and eight passenger vehicles primarily involving rear-end collisions near kilometer 292.7, according to Pennsylvania State Police and Dispatch.

At least nine people were transported to hospitals in the region via ambulance teams from at least three townships, according to the report.

More than twenty emergency units were called to the scene.

Six other people may have sustained minor injuries and were treated at the scene, but this was not confirmed at the time of publication.

The toll motorway (Interstate 76) was closed westbound from the Morgantown interchange to the Reading interchange immediately after the second accident.

A detour has been set up in the area.

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South Africa sends team to contain pollution from chemical factories Wed, 21 Jul 2021 19:10:39 +0000

(Bloomberg) – The South African Department of the Environment has sent a team to the eastern coastal city of Durban to try to help contain air and water pollution from a chemical plant that was set on fire during violent protests.

The factory, owned by Indian agrochemical company UPL Ltd., produces herbicides, fungicides and pesticides and is located in one of the areas hardest hit by days of riots and looting in KwaZulu province -Native. Residents, who were already struggling to get bread, milk and other basic necessities after the unrest, said they saw plumes of gray smoke near the facility site.

“We are deeply concerned about the environmental impact on air quality as well as on aquatic and marine ecosystems resulting from the fire at the UPL installation”, declared the Minister of Forests and Fisheries on Wednesday. and Environment, Barbara Creecy. “The priority at this stage is to ensure that the impacts are mitigated and that the containment measures are effective. “

The factory caught fire on July 12 and continued to burn for days. It was reported that the water flowing into a lagoon changed color and dead fish washed up. Nearby Indian Ocean beaches remain closed to the public.

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Phase 1 digital service delivery platform launched in Johannesburg, Cape Town Wed, 21 Jul 2021 13:53:00 +0000

The first phase of the My Smart City free service delivery platform, which enables citizens to report potholes, monitor power or water outages and communicate with local municipal authorities, in addition to other activities, was launched in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

“My Smart City gives South Africans a voice to see the resolution of service delivery issues and enables them to visualize issues and log incidents, prioritize them and connect with the right service providers to resolve them. Said the CEO of software development company Acumen Software. Joao zoio.

“We believe that the platform has the potential to ‘Uber-ize’ service delivery by putting the power in the hands of the citizens who use the platform. Ultimately, the platform will also create jobs for thousands of citizens and private entrepreneurs. “

Eventually, residents will also be able to obtain private services, manage crowdfunding initiatives and have access to community social and sporting events.

“The platform will enable citizens, city officials, councilors and service providers to engage in a safe and controlled environment for the sole purpose of improving services in the city,” Acumen Software COO said. Kennedy Mogotsi.

The My Smart City platform has already been integrated into the City of Cape Town’s call management system with the intention of connecting all municipal systems to enable the automation of citizens’ information flows.

When the My Smart City platform has not been allowed to interface with municipal systems, Acumen Software’s dispatch center team will become the link between citizens and their municipalities to ensure that issues are properly recorded and tracked.

The digital mobile and desktop platform was developed by Acumen Software, which secured private equity investments from financial services firm Imvelo Ventures, backed by Capitec, and multinational wood fiber products company, funded by Sappi, Andzani Ventures, which was used to fund the development and launch of the platform. .

My Smart City calls on all residents of Johannesburg and Cape Town to register and create profiles on the platform and invite family, friends and neighbors to join them in becoming active citizens with strong voices. The more subscribers the platform has, the more power citizens have to make changes and improvements in their city.

Acumen Software has a solid reputation in several South African cities with its Forcelink field mobile service management solution.

Forcelink is used by the City of Cape Town to manage the MyCiTi bus infrastructure, as well as by City Power of the City of Johannesburg to manage outages and maintenance work on its power grid.

Forcelink has an extensive application programming interface to interface with other systems such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, accounting systems, project management, monitoring equipment with supervisory control and data acquisition and the Internet of Things, among others.

“My Smart City is poised to change the way citizens, businesses, community groups and public sector service providers communicate and collaborate within their neighborhoods. The One Stop Shop for City Residents aims to enroll four million registered users by bringing citizens and public service providers together through technology and it doesn’t cost citizens or their cities a dime.

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Costerfield high-grade gold mine drives turnaround Wed, 21 Jul 2021 12:43:14 +0000

It is located in the same district as the prolific Fosterville mine at Kirkland Lake Gold, and like Fosterville, it has an extremely high gold grade at its Youle mine, at approximately 15.3 grams per tonne of gold. , as well as 3.3% antimony. Exploration is aimed at increasing the mine’s reserve base to the extent that the Company can consider future expansion of the processing plant.

“We have a very similar geology to Fosterville and although Costerfield is younger, mineralization has occurred during the same time period,” said Dominic Duffy, President, CEO and Director

“We think the grade in our veins is higher, but the veins in Fosterville are larger and so our grade is diluted in mining. We have upside potential at depth and high grade, and we are finding grades even higher than our current production grade in the recently discovered Shepherd Zone, which is below the Youle deposit. “

It wasn’t too long ago that the company’s future was a business, however, with $ 42 million in backing from its top five investors, the bailout funding gave the CEO the time needed. time, Dominic Duffy, and his team to implement planned operational improvements. to both assets.

“I became CEO three years ago at a time when the company was only focused on operations and we were keeping exploration to a minimum,” said Duffy. Mining log.

Duffy, a mining engineer, worked on the turnaround of Cerro Bayo and was subsequently promoted to COO before becoming President and CEO.

“We got the funding of US $ 42 million based on a turnaround story and we executed it at a T. Now we’re in a much more stable financial position where we can invest more in the business. exploration, ”he said.

Mandalay makes record exploration investments in 2021 as it seeks to expand beyond being a gold equivalent producer of 100,000 ounces per year. Mandalay has earmarked US $ 7 million for exploration in Australia this year and US $ 4 million in Sweden; each producing about 50,000 ounces per year as Duffy aims to grow mine life and take the company out of the depletion replacement cycle.

At Costerfield, the Shepherd zone returned results such as an actual width of 6.27 m grading 23.6 g / t.

Costerfield currently has reserves of approximately 255,000 ounces of gold grading 12.8 g / t and 21,700 tonnes of 3.5% antimony, within a resource of over 380,000 ounces of gold and 39,000 t of antimony.

If the company manages to increase Costerfield’s reserves to around seven years of production over the next three years, it could trigger an investment of $ 20 to 25 million to upgrade the plant from 450 tonnes per day to 650 tpd. To do this, we must intensify the exploration campaigns to build deep drilling platforms, because the company is targeting deeper resources, because it has reached the limit of what it can do with its platforms. current forms.

At Björkdal in Sweden, it is also targeting new resources at depth, where it successfully finds new mineralization. It is also drilling the extension of a mineralized corridor to the south where Boliden Mining has been operating successfully for many years.

“These structures from the Boliden mines run from west to east and continue through our property, so we are starting a new exploration project there,” said Duffy.

Successful exploration in both operations could allow the company to increase production by 20% to around 120,000 AuEq oz / year within two years and set the stage for future growth to the 200 level. 000 AuEq oz / y, where gold producers attract more investor interest.

In addition to increasing its exploration budgets, the company expects to be net debt free by the end of this year and debt free by 2023, which will further open its horizons for growth.

The company is repaying approximately $ 3.8 million per quarter with approximately $ 51 million in arrears and a final lump sum payment of $ 29 million due in early 2023. The completion of a large elevator storage facility from tailings at Björkdal in early 2022 will also free up cash.

“People see that we have debt on our balance sheet and maybe we could look to pay it off faster. Once we run out of net debt, we have more flexibility to invest in other projects.” , said Duffy.

“We will seek to further intensify our exploration and hire more geologists. We’ll also be looking at other uses of capital, including reinstating a dividend, which Mandalay was paying until 2017, although it may be more interesting to look outside. for non-organic growth opportunities by 2022.

“Unless we have a significant discovery, we can only increase production of the assets within certain limits, so we’ll look at other options,” Duffy said.

Duffy sees an opportunity in the form of acquiring undervalued assets and improving them. “We have proven that we can do it, so we are actively looking for undervalued assets to turn around and make a profit,” he said.

Mandalay has a successful history of doing this, including: Costerfield, Björkdal and Cerro Bayo in Chile, which was optioned to Equus Mining.

By 2021, the company aims to produce over 110,000 consolidated AuEq oz, an improvement over the 103,000 AuEq oz in 2020 at an all-in sustaining cost of $ 1,254 / AuEq oz and continue to regain market confidence. .

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ActionSA sticks to successful mayoral candidates Wed, 21 Jul 2021 09:52:58 +0000


New kids on the block, ActionSA, who are set to challenge their first election if this year’s local elections take place, announced former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba, former acting mayor of Tshwane Abel Tau and former Ekurhuleni official Letlhogonolo Moseki as mayoral candidates of the Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni subways respectively.

In a virtual press conference on Wednesday, the party announced that Mashaba, who is also the chairman of ActionSA, beat Suraya Holt and Lincoln Machaba, 30, a former city councilor in the city of Joburg, who were arguing. also the city. of the place of candidate for mayor of Johannesburg.

Last month, ActionSA revealed nine candidates who would compete in their candidate elections to represent the party as aspiring mayors for the three subways in the upcoming local elections.

READ: IEC to decide local elections after Moseneke recommends postponement

Residents of the three subways voted both virtually and by physical ballot for the candidates of their choice.

According to ActionSA, “many residents came to support” the mayoral candidates, with Mashaba “obtaining 94% of the vote in Johannesburg”.

After his announcement as a candidate, Mashaba said: “Gauteng subways must become hubs of innovation and service delivery beacons for the rest of South Africa; residents deserve nothing less.

He took the opportunity to thank “those who participated in the historic elections of ActionSA candidates” for having trusted him as mayor of Johannesburg.

“When I was elected executive mayor of the city of Johannesburg in August 2016, the city was in a mess. The so-called world-class African city was, for many of its inhabitants, a world-class slum. From my first day in office, making Johannesburg a city its people could be proud to call home has been at the center of my three years, ”said Mashaba.

He added that in order to get Johannesburg back on track, he would prioritize:

• Re-launch the stalled downtown revitalization megaproject by working with the private sector and civil society to create shared value that encourages investment, creates employment opportunities and provides affordable and inclusive housing to residents;

• Declare corruption public enemy number one again:

• Restore #OperationBuyaMthetho and make Johannesburg dangerous for criminals;

• Streamline the overgrown city structure to ensure that we can improve service delivery by ensuring that the city’s organizational structure is responsive to the needs of residents; and

• Rebuild a competent, professional and responsible public service committed to serving with pride.

The experienced Tau, former DA regional chairman in Tshwane, who joined ActionSA last year, has managed to beat Morris Mahlaule, an accomplished business professional; and Mmaphefo Shubane; who has training in community broadcasting.

Tau said his top priority would be “to improve the lives of residents by reforming the distressed service delivery of the metro.”

“Residents are spoiled by the absent leadership of ‘ghost mayor’ Cllr Randall Williams and the colossal failures of service delivery. Under Williams, Tshwane went from crisis to crisis, the latest being widespread water shortages in the city.

“Since 2016, residents have not benefited from stable and efficient governance. The DA parachuted two mayors into the city, both mired in scandals and unable to provide services. The ANC was no better – too busy with petty political tactics instead of delivering services. Once in office, ActionSA will strive to restore residents’ confidence in local government by striving to secure the basics of service delivery in each of our communities, ”said one Tau enthusiast.

Abel Tau at the announcement of ActionSA’s subway mayoral candidates on June 15, 2021 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo: Gallo Images / Luba Lesolle

To provide quality basic services to Tshwane, Tau has pledged to prioritize:

• Improve visible service delivery by equipping front-line services with the necessary resources to deal with service-related complaints;

• Increase the visibility of the police, especially in poor communities, so that all residents finally feel and are safe;

• Increased expenditure for the maintenance and modernization of basic infrastructure to put an end to the prolonged water and electricity cuts in Tshwane;

• Implement a multi-pronged approach to housing provision to tackle the growing housing challenges in the city;

• Bring the town of Tshwane out of bankruptcy and restore financial health through improved financial controls.

In Ekurhuleni, Letlhogonolo Moseki, a communications expert with government background, defeated Eleanor Moropa, a social development practitioner; and Lerato Ngobeni, current national spokesperson for ActionSA and member of the Senate.

As a candidate for mayor of Ekurhuleni, Moseki said he was determined to create an environment in which businesses and entrepreneurs could, once again, generate much-needed jobs for residents.

“Ekurhuleni used to be the industrial center of Gauteng and our people had the dignity of working. The ANC, through bad governance, has strangled our local economy. I am ready to engage with each of our communities in Ekurhuleni to help me ensure that on election day we can vote against the ANC and start implementing a plan to improve the lives of residents. of Ekurhuleni.

To kick off a takeover for Ekurhuleni, Moseki would prioritize:

• Create an environment for employment within the city by reducing red tape and facilitating the opening of manufacturing companies there;

• Deploy entrepreneurship and opportunity centers, targeting young people and providing business support to residents;

• Increase the deployment of social development services among the poorest inhabitants; and

• create a cleaner and safer city by increasing the capacity of appropriate waste management services.

The party promises that “these are just the first changes that ActionSA-led governments would prioritize to ensure service delivery to Gauteng residents.”

“Our employees have made it clear that they face corruption, poor governance and non-existent service delivery. They demand immediate change. For this to happen, every resident of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni must take action by eliminating the ANC in the next local elections.

ActionSA praised its candidate for election, saying it was “for the first time in South African history that residents had the power to choose who would represent” a political party on the ballot. vote in local elections.

“This is a far cry from other parties that impose their preferred corrupt and incompetent political leaders on communities,” the party said.

When I was elected executive mayor of the city of Johannesburg in August 2016, the city was in a mess. The so-called world-class African city was, for many of its inhabitants, a world-class slum

Herman Mashaba

The mayoral candidates were joined by candidates elected by residents of their communities, attracting a total of 22,051 votes from communities across Gauteng.

Mashaba said the party’s list to be submitted to the South African Election Commission (IEC) included 116 candidate representatives – young people eager to serve their community, the youngest at 18, Chinedu Edward.

“Our roster also includes former MPs, former MMCs, entrepreneurs, legal professionals, law enforcement professionals – such as former Johannesburg Police Chief David Tembe – and career civil servants. , like Michael Tshishonga who, at 73, wants to come out of retirement and fight for the needs of his community, ”Mashaba said.

However, the party will have to wait for the IEC to announce whether the elections will go as planned in October or whether they will be postponed according to the recommendation of retired judge Dikgang Moseneke.

Palesa Dlamini


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Redistribution of 22 could prompt full list of county returning officers Wed, 21 Jul 2021 08:00:00 +0000

Administrative Services Director Deborah Erickson gave Commissioners an overview on Tuesday, July 20 of the timeline and procedures associated with the redistribution process, a ten-year event through which new U.S. census data is used to adjust district boundaries federal congressional lines, as well as national and local lines.

County councils are responsible for redrawing the boundaries of commissioner districts within their counties to ensure equal political representation. A number of factors determine whether the lines need to be redrawn, including population growth or decline in a particular area and how the state legislature chooses to approach the redistribution of federal and state districts.

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Deborah Erickson, Director of Administrative Services for Crow Wing County

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Most towns and townships – as well as all school districts – in Crow Wing County elect representatives in general, which means everyone who lives in that jurisdiction votes for everyone on elected bodies. They might see changes in polling stations depending on whether state or federal borders change, but otherwise, they won’t need to engage in a deep redistribution.

The town of Brainerd is an exception to this rule, with council members representing different geographic areas of the town. The county commissioners also each represent a specific area of ​​the county.

Erickson said commissioners could face a tight schedule to create a redistribution plan and present it to the public, particularly amid the delayed release of data collected from the U.S. census due to COVID-19. At this point, only state-level data is available from the tally, with more granular population data expected by the end of September.

– Deborah Erickson, Director of Administrative Services

The state legislature must have completed its plans by February 15, 2022, and if they cannot come to a deal, the case must go to court, which may possibly shorten the timeline further. The redistribution of the constituencies and the city then takes place and must be completed by March 29, 2022 or within 60 days of the legislative redistribution. The county redistribution is the latest to take place, shaped by decisions made by these other bodies, and must be completed by April 26, 2022 or within 80 days of the legislative redistribution. Counties are also required to publish these changes three weeks before a public hearing.

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“You can see how tight this deadline will be since the start of the year,” Erickson said. “The biggest key thing is this legislative and congressional redistribution because nothing can happen until it does. And like many things, the county is the last piece of the puzzle. Everyone has to put their puzzles first, and then we come in and do our part with that. “

It won’t be until next spring, said Erickson – just weeks before the candidacy period for the 2022 election opens – that two county commissioners will know whether they will have to run again, two years earlier. provided that. The seats occupied by Commissioners Steve Barrows, Bill Brekken and Rosemary Franzen are already expected to appear on the 2022 ballot, but those occupied by Commissioners Paul Koering and Doug Houge were not initially slated for election until 2024.

Paul Koering

Paul Koering

Doug Hougé

Doug Hougé

Erickson said there was a chance that the commissioners would not need to make changes to the county districts, but given the population growth experienced in Crow Wing County as well as the potential changes the legislature could bring, it is more likely that things will change somewhat.

“I don’t want to hope that you will be in compliance because I think there will be adjustments to legislative lines and I think there will be adjustments to population changes that will cause you to be out of balance,” Erickson mentioned.

Redistribution considerations include tracking electoral constituency lines and making contiguous constituencies that are regular in shape and as compact as possible. The majority of districts cannot have a minority of the population – which means that the commissioner districts with the three smallest populations must combine for a majority of the county population.

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There is also a 10% rule for district populations. When the county’s most up-to-date population counts are released this fall, that number divided by five would set the average number of residents expected in each commissioner district. The actual population of these districts cannot deviate by more than 10% from this average.

For example, the 2019 population estimate places Crow Wing County at 65,055 people. Using this figure means that each commissioner district would have an average of 13,011 people and could not have more than 1,301 people above or below that number.

Diving into even more head-spinning math, commissioners are only required to stand for a new election if there is a 5% change in voters between districts. Using this same example, 650.5 people would represent 5% of the 13,011 average for each neighborhood. If the combined total of voters moved to or out of a commissioner district exceeds this 5% threshold, a special election would be required. Then, with the five commissioners on the ballot, it would have to be determined who would serve two-year terms and who would serve four-year terms to ensure that elections are staggered again in the future.

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Following the 2010 US Census, Crow Wing County made slight changes to its commissioner districts, moving the cities of Manhattan Beach and Fifty Lakes from District 2 to District 5. These changes have not triggered any news. elections.

Erickson said the next steps are for county staff to participate in self-paced training and familiarize themselves with a clipping guide from the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. County officials will also begin engaging city and township leaders to discuss their timelines. Redistribution efforts are expected to cost between $ 12,000 and $ 17,000, mainly due to publication costs as well as voter notifications.

CHELSEY PERKINS can be reached at 218-855-5874 or Follow on Twitter at

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Lions boosted by decision to hold South Africa’s three tests in Cape Town | South Africa Rugby Team Tue, 20 Jul 2021 19:47:00 +0000

The British and Irish Lions received a major boost after confirmation that all three test matches against South Africa will now be played at sea level. The plan called for the second and third tests to be played in Johannesburg, but Covid-19 fears have now prompted the entire series to be transferred to Cape Town Stadium.

The Springboks have traditionally been more successful in playing trial matches at altitude, but after “extensive consultation” with medical experts and with teams already in their respective “bio bubbles”, it was decided that the option was the best option. it was safer to stay put.

“The data only pointed in one direction,” said Jurie Roux, managing director of SA Rugby.

“The series has already been greatly disrupted by the Covid-19 and a return to Gauteng at this time would only increase the risks. We now have two teams in biosecure environments with no positive cases or isolated people. Going back to the Highveld now would put the series at a new risk. Everyone wants to see both teams, at their best, play an unforgettable series over the next three weekends and this decision gives us the best opportunity to see that happen.

Lions chief executive Ben Calveley said tourists were “fully in favor” of the decision, which is hardly surprising given the lessons of recent history. In 1997, when the Lions last won a series in South Africa, they won the first two sea level tests in Cape Town and Durban respectively.

The touring team could also be privately cheered on by Bok’s Day Team nominated for Saturday’s opening test, despite the presence of 21 members of the South African World Cup-winning squad of 2019. At first glance, running with the Pamplona bulls would be less intimidating than trying to escape a powerful local team, but several of the starting Boks have played little rugby lately.

Until recently, iconic South African captain Siya Kolisi and his teammates Makazole Mapimpi and Ox Nché all self-isolated with Covid-19 and had to undergo heart and lung tests to ensure their participation. The forward-facing six-on-two bench division, dubbed the ‘Bomb Squad’ at the 2019 World Cup, has also been temporarily disabled with Boks opening half Handrè Pollard and winger Mapimpi n ‘ being not considered to have played enough recent rugby to justify the risk of having only two full-backs in reserve.

Also at No.8, the absence of the ultra-physical Duane Vermeulen through injury prompted Kwagga Smith for promotion, a very different type of player with a seven-man roster. Then there’s the fascinating decision to leave without doubt South Africa’s two best props, Frans Malherbe and Steven Kitshoff, off the bench and start the match instead with Nché and Trevor Nyakane.

Nyakane was well organized by Wyn Jones during the first half of the SA A game last week and, with RG Snyman also injured and Lood de Jager running out of rugby, the Boks will rely on muscle memory to some extent. . Head coach Jacques Nienaber, however, made it clear that keeping Malherbe and Kitshoff on the bench is a deliberate tactic. “We see our first ranks as a couple, as a unit,” he said. “We can trade them and there will be no weaknesses.”

]]> 0 Yamana gives green light to development of Wasamac gold with higher production Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:13:13 +0000

The economics of the project include an after-tax net present value of $ 470 million, with an after-tax internal rate of return of 24% at a gold price of $ 1,500 per ounce. Initial capital requirements are $ 416 million, including $ 318 million for underground mine development and mobile equipment.

One of the most promising aspects of the Wasamac project is a sustained annual gold production of 200,000 ounces for years two through five and 169,000 ounces per year in the first ten years of production.

One of the most promising aspects of the Wasamac project, according to Yamana, is the sustained annual gold production of 200,000 ounces. for years two through five and 169,000 oz. per year during the first ten years of production. All-inclusive sustaining costs are estimated at $ 828 per ounce.

Yamana refined the geological model and increased the probable mineral reserve. It now stands at 23.2 million tonnes at a grade of 2.56 grams of gold per tonne for 1.9 million ounces. recoverable gold. This material will support the first ten years of production.

The deposit also contains 5.8 million tonnes indicated at a grade of 1.76 grams of gold per tonne for 326,000 ounces. contained gold, plus an alleged 4 million tonnes at 2.01 grams of gold per tonne for 258,000 ounces of gold.

Wasamac will be a bulk underground mining operation with a minimal footprint, the company says. The use of an underground conveyor, electric mining equipment and high-efficiency fans will significantly reduce the carbon emissions of the project, Yamana said. Installing the conveyor, rather than using diesel trucks, will save approximately 2,233 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

The existing Camflo plant will be refurbished with an initial throughput of 7,000 tonnes per day, although it can be upgraded to the rated capacity of 7,500 tonnes per day. A portion of the tailings will be returned to the mine as a paste filler, and the remainder will be placed in a dry-cell, filtered storage facility approximately six km from the mill.

Yamana thinks he can define other reserves that would support 200,000 ounces. production level and support an additional five years of mine life. It plans to spend C $ 15 million for a 120,000 meter infill and exploration campaign in 2021 and 2022. An additional 10,000 meters will be drilled this year on the larger Wasamac property to delineate secondary zones and test extensions. of Wasa shear.

The company recently acquired the Francoeur, Arntfield and Lac Fortune gold deposit located 6 km from the plant. They too could offer additional mining opportunities in the future.

The development at Wasamac will be fully funded from cash and free cash flow.

(This article first appeared in The Northern Miner)

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The second and third Lions Tests have been moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town Tue, 20 Jul 2021 17:47:07 +0000

As planned, and as Warren Gatland said a week ago, South Africa Rugby has confirmed that the second and third Tests will be moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town, meaning the British and Irish lions will stay there for the rest. of the tour.

The series was due to return to Johannesburg after the first Cape Town Test on Saturday but the Gauteng region is the epicenter of the third wave of the Covid pandemic.

“However, the decision to stay in Cape Town was made following extensive consultations with medical experts on the risks associated with the delta variant of Covid-19,” the statement from SA Rugby read.

The entire series will thus take place at sea level, which should, in theory, increase the Lions’ chances of winning the series.

“The data only pointed in one direction,” said Jurie Roux, managing director of SA Rugby.

“The series has already been greatly disrupted by the Covid-19 and a return to Gauteng at this time would only increase the risks.

“We now have two teams in biosecure environments with no positive cases or isolated individuals. Going back to highveld now would put the series at further risk.

“Everyone wants to see both teams, at their best, play an unforgettable series over the next three weekends and this decision gives us the best opportunity to see that happen.”

British and Irish Lions general manager Ben Calveley said: “We fully support this decision which we believe is in the best interests of the Test Series.”

Roux thanked Gauteng and the City of Cape Town for their flexibility and understanding to adapt to the late plan change.

“We had great support from the local government, and I want to thank Gauteng and the city of Cape Town for their open engagement in what has been a very difficult time,” said Roux.

“Extraordinary times called for extraordinary measures and we had the support of all our trading partners despite the challenges. “

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Edge Drainage Increases Costs of Township’s Kensington / Ridgetop Project Tue, 20 Jul 2021 11:54:15 +0000

TWP from TWINSBURG. – Phase 2 of the Kensington / Ridgetop Street Improvement Project will cost $ 18,217 more than the original contract, but still considerably less than the engineer estimated cost.

Township administrators approved a change order on July 14 that would increase the contract awarded to CA Agresta Construction Co. to $ 425,981. Township administrator Rob Kagler said the additional cost was needed to reduce border drains.

The initial low bid of $ 407,764 was 40% lower than the engineer’s estimate of $ 670,039. The township received a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission of $ 220,208 for the project.

The township received six bids for work on Darien Lane from the roundabout to the township border, all from St. Mikala Court and Ridgetop Drive from Park Ridge in the north to the cul-de-sac. The project started a few weeks ago.