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Five African Countries to Participate in Kaduna Art and Fashion Exhibition

Artists and designers from five African countries are expected to attend the Kaduna Fashion and Culture Expo scheduled for November 10.
The founder and director of Kaduna Fashion and Art Exhibition, Ganiyat Sani, revealed this in an interview with THISDAY in Kaduna.

Sani, who is also a cultural manager and curator, said the exhibition aims to promote culture, fashion and art in African countries.
“We invite artists and designers from Senegal, Mali, Niger, Sudan and Ghana.

“They will present their creations and culturally inspired works in Kaduna. We also have a large turnout of people in northern Nigeria,” she said.
She said the exhibition, themed “Cultural Exchange – The Intersection,” will feature designs inspired by the culture of the participants.
According to her, “the objective of the three-day exhibition is to promote the revitalization of the competitiveness of West African cultural and creative industries throughout the value chain”.
She added that the event will include art, fashion and cultural exhibitions, round tables around art, fashion and culture as well as live performances and fashion shows.

She said the European Union-funded project is supported by Kaduna Markets Development and Management Company, Berlin Art Institute, Visionary Art Collective and Women Aware of Rights Initiative, among others.
She noted that “there is a little cultural disconnect between the younger generation and the older generation who are not passing on cultural knowledge to younger people.
Sani said, “When people stop practicing culture or stop passing it on to younger people, it dies.
“I think there’s a way young people are trying to redefine culture in a way that suits their current realities in a modern way and they should be encouraged.”
She said her organization is very interested in culture and ways to preserve it.
“We can identify culture through art and fashion. Fashion is how people dress, you can keep the culture alive by incorporating it into the designs you sell to people who will feel good and confident wearing it.

“In art, the message passes through your visuals.
We bring people from other places so they can share ideas and improve their skills and showcase their potential on the world stage.
“We hope to promote and change the state of fashion and the creative industry in West Africa, she said.
She added that the exhibition is open to anyone interested in culture, art and fashion in the north.

By John Shiklam