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GE Foundation announces $100,000 donation to South Africa – African Markets

The GE Foundation announced the donation of US$100,000 to South Africa to support flood relief efforts and fund FoodForward SA’s efforts to help vulnerable communities.

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To celebrate Mandela Day and highlight the food security situation, the GE Foundation announced a donation of US$100,000 to support relief efforts in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa, where approximately 125,000 civilians have been displaced following severe flooding due to heavy rains in April. .

The donation funded FoodForward, the largest food redistribution organization in South Africa, and provided nearly 4,800 people in flood-prone areas with one meal a day for three weeks. In addition to donating to the organization, GE employees also support relief efforts through the matching gift program.

“We are proud to be working with FoodForward SA again and helping South African families in the region continue on the path to recovery.”

said Linda Boff, president of the GE Foundation and vice president of GE.

“South Africa is home to the largest base of GE employees on the continent and has become an important partner in GE Foundation programs such as Next Engineers.”

“Fighting hunger is essential after the recent floods and I am proud that the GE family is supporting our country in this time of need.”

“FoodForward SA’s mission is to reduce hunger in South Africa by ensuring quality food in a safe and economical way.”

“This grant will support food supply efforts and necessary preparedness for the affected area.”

Said Nyimpini Mabunda, President of GE Southern Africa.

GE employees who make eligible donations to FoodForward or other charities can enroll in the GE Foundation Matching Gifts program, a program that supports employee personal philanthropy and charitable giving.

The GE Foundation originated the concept of a corporate blended giving program in 1954. Today, the program continues to serve as an important part of the Foundation’s portfolio, with a total of $6.2 million in grants in 2021.

A FoodForward SA, is an important partner of the GE Foundation. In 2021, the GE Foundation donated $100,000 to provide immediate relief to communities in South Africa facing food insecurity due to the continuing economic and social challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andy Du Plessis, Managing Director of FoodForward SA, said:

“We are honored to receive this grant from the GE Foundation which will help us address the immediate need to address hunger in the KwaZulu-Natal region.”

“Corporations and individual partners, like the GE Foundation, are essential in supporting cost-effective solutions to fight hunger in underserved communities and strengthen our efforts to help.”

GE’s disaster assistance and humanitarian assistance program responds to major global disasters and humanitarian crises by leveraging GE personnel, technology and other resources to reduce suffering and speed recovery.

In 2021, the GE Foundation’s philanthropic contribution to disaster relief was $2 million, which continued to support the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic and fund disaster relief and humanitarian crises around the world. .

FoodForward SA

FoodForward SA, created in 2009 to fight widespread hunger in South Africa, connects a world of excess with a world of need.

FoodForward SA collects quality surplus food from distributors, manufacturers and farmers and redistributes this food to registered and approved recipient organizations that serve those in need.

They are part of a global movement focused on fighting hunger and reducing environmental impact by diverting quality food surpluses.

With operations in all nine provinces of South Africa, FoodForward SA is the country’s largest not-for-profit food distribution organization and is well placed to address large-scale food insecurity.

The GE Foundation

The GE Foundation, an independent charity funded by GE, is committed to transforming communities and shaping the diverse workforce of tomorrow by harnessing the power of GE. Thanks to Next Engineers, the diversity of young people in engineering is growing.

In their hometown of Boston, they work to improve workforce diversity, fight the opioid crisis, and advance STEM education in public schools.

They also inspire others to take action, connecting GE people to communities through our Matching gifts and disaster relief.

What do you think of this offer from the GE Foundation? Should there be more such support, or do they simply serve as a ‘cane’ that holds back Africa’s development? We want to know your opinion, do not hesitate to comment and if you liked the article, share and give a “like/like”.

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