African countries

Here are 5 African countries with the best roads

Some infrastructural developments include roads.

Citizens know how important roads are for accessing important and quality services such as health care, transport, food, etc.

An index from the Global Competitiveness Report indicates that some countries have made great efforts to improve their economies in terms of infrastructure.

Ghana is not considered to have major highways or good roads. Even the Accra-Tema highway up to the N1 highway known as the George Bush highway is still congested from Tema roundabout to Tetteh Quarshie. takes a look at some African countries that have invested in making their roads drivable according to the Global Competitiveness Report.

According to the Global Competitiveness Report’s world economic index of road quality, Namibia is the first country in Africa to have the best road network.

Namibia was ranked 23rd out of 137 countries in the world with an average score of 5.0 out of 7.

Namibia’s good roads are the result of the establishment of the Roads Authority. It was established in April 2000 and they have contributed a lot to the country.

It is another African country with an excellent road network.

The country does not only boast of having the cleanest environment. The country’s government has improved transport infrastructure with the help of the European Union, China, JAPAN and other agencies, and the country is ranked 31st with a score of 5.0.

South Africa has one of the largest road networks in the world.

One of the longest roads is the N2 and it covers a distance of 2,255 kilometers (1,401 miles). The nation is ranked 29 with a score of 5.0

The Kingdom of Morocco’s infrastructural development has put the nation on a higher pedestal than it has even beaten countries like Belgium and Italy.

The government has announced that it will invest in the construction of new highways and highways.

It was also going to give a facelift to its rural roads. Morocco is ranked 55 and has a score of 4.4

Kenya has some of the best roads in East Africa and one of the most popular roads is the Thika Super Highway.

The country is still eagerly awaiting updates on the status of its road network. The country is ranked 61 with a score of 4.2.