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India reaffirms commitment to support African countries

October 18, 2022 | Boy of Pranay

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Rajnath Singh, the Defense Minister, said India is resolute in its commitment to assist African nations in all areas as they pursue their regional peace and security goals.

During the India-Africa Defense Dialogue in Gandhinagar, Singh addressed delegates from 43 different African countries. The event was planned in conjunction with DefExpo 2022.

He added that India was ready to collaborate with African nations in areas of common interest. India will continue to be guided by its longstanding compassion for the people of Africa in its defense and security cooperation with that continent.

India rejects the idea of ​​a hierarchical world order in which a few selected nations are considered superior to all others. According to him, India’s external relations are governed by the fundamental principles of human equality and dignity, which are part of our long-standing culture.

Forging relationships “comes easily in India, as we strive to achieve mutual economic growth”, he added. “We do not believe in the creation or becoming of a client or satellite state, and so when we do business with a nation, it is on the basis of sovereign equality and mutual respect.”

In this regard, there is a need to make the UN Security Council more representative in order to give it greater legitimacy, thereby supporting a world order in which the principles of international peace, security and order are universally respected. , he continued. “I am sure you also share our belief that the global world order deserves to be further democratized. Global multilateral forums should reflect changing global realities,” he said.

According to him, India and African nations play an important role in maintaining a secure marine environment, especially in the Indian Ocean region.

We collaborate in several regional structures, he added, and these efforts “promote inclusive and constructive engagement to address common issues for peace and prosperity.”

He went on to say that India has made significant contributions over the years to UN peacekeeping efforts in Africa. It is among the top three nations in terms of troop contributions to UN peacekeeping and has participated in the majority of UN peacekeeping missions in the region. In its military academies, India has trained officers from various African nations.

“We have extended counterinsurgency and training to many African partners, and we have conducted multilateral training exercises on the ground, such as AFINDEX-19, which is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of the following year” , did he declare. “We have helped set up defense training institutions in some African countries.

India continues to stand with African nations in their quest for development, expansion and peace. The 10 Guiding Principles laid out by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his 2018 address to the Ugandan parliament serve as the foundation for India’s cooperation with Africa. The first priority for India would be Africa, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he added.