Initial development plans are underway for three Filer Twps. parcel

FILER TWP. – Preliminary plans come together for the development of three plots belonging to the township of Filer.

Known as the “Hamlet of Filer Township”, the site is located between the Merkey and Red Apple roads along US 31.

Authorities hope to use the site as the epicenter of a mixed-use development with different options for housing, recreation and commercial activities.

“Even though we’ve heard a lot about getting housing on this property, it’s not just about getting housing, it’s about creating community amenities and having housing as part of that. here, “said Mike Corby, design director at Integrated Architecture.

The second of three public meetings was held Tuesday evening to discuss options for future development.

Participants were invited to provide comments on a number of concept renderings that highlight possible directions development could take. Feedback received from meetings will help managers refine development plans.

In general, participants favored amenities and architecture that they saw as distinct from those they already have access to in the nearby town of Manistee. These include things like an outdoor amphitheater, a European-style community garden, intimate outdoor settings for commerce, and a significantly more modern use of space than the Victorian aesthetic associated with Manistee.

In particular, many participants emphasized the plasters with many green areas and building materials such as stone and masonry compared to those with more visible concrete.

“A lot of what defines Filer is recreation and outdoor activity, so maybe the architecture could be unique in one way or another,” Corby said of one. popular option. “I think it’s different – it’s definitely not Victorian but it’s open and has natural materials surrounded by a lot of vegetation.”

The plots that are part of the project are located south of the former K-Mart Square and are approximately 20 acres, according to township supervisor Terry Walker. None has a direct front on the US 31.

Corby said the township sees this project as a catalyst for development.

“The thing we need to do is make sure that whatever we do on township land has the capacity to happen without depending on surrounding properties,” Corby said, adding, “We don’t control these properties, anything. what we are trying to do is show how the efforts of the townships, and our efforts can be a catalyst for development that even goes beyond property lines. “

Officials said the development could be planned to incorporate different income brackets. The next step is to gather feedback and develop a plan that can be presented to contractors.

No date has been set for the next meeting, but it is expected to take place within the next 60 days.

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