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Kamina Smith visits the Kingdom of Lesotho on her tour of African countries

Kamina Smith visits the Kingdom of Lesotho on her tour of African countries

Jamaica: During her official visit to African countries, Kamina Johnson Smith- Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica, landed in the Kingdom of Lesotho on Sunday, May 8, 2022. She is touring the various countries to promote herself as a perfect candidate for the post of Commonwealth Secretary General (SG).

The Kingdom of Lesotho is one of the African countries where she held a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Matsépo-Molise Ramakoae. The two counterparts hold the meeting in the country’s capital, Maseru.

The discussion covered multiple topics of bilateral and multilateral exchanges and various areas of concern. She pointed out that they addressed issues of concern in the field of culture, education and youth.

Thus, the main focus of the meeting was development strategies and programs in the education, culture and youth sector.

Kamina Johnson Smith noted, “Yesterday after landing in the Kingdom of Lesotho, I met Min of FA and IR SE Matsepo-Molise Ramakoae in the capital, Maseru.”

She said the two countries shared a framework agreement to focus on strengthening bilateral relations.

While underlining the main objective of the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said: “We had good discussions on the strengthening of bilateral commitments through cooperation in culture as well as in education and youth for which our countries already have a framework agreement”.

Meanwhile, Kamina pointed out that they also discussed Lesotho’s vibrant engagement with the Commonwealth.

She said: “We also discussed the very active engagement that Lesotho has with the Commonwealth in the areas of parliamentary reform, electoral reform and anti-corruption reforms – areas in which we agreed that it has strong expertise and comparative advantage, and therefore should always maintain as a partner a focus on building democratic institutional strength in its member states KJS for CSG.

In addition to this, Smith also met and held talks with India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr. Jaishankar, after leaving Lesotho. Both delegations discussed Indian President Ram Nath Kovind’s historic visit to Jamaica.

She said it was good to speak this morning with the Indian MoFA, Dr Jaishakar, to discuss the historic forthcoming visit of its President, as well as his campaign for the role of SG of the Commonwealth.

Expressing his pleasure, Kamina said, “I welcomed his compliment that my qualifications and vision bode well for the group. KJS for CSG.