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Kenya: China secures more business opportunities with Kenya and African countries under new leadership

Nairobi — China has secured more trade and investment opportunities with Kenya and other African countries under the new leadership unveiled at the 20th CPC Congress.

The new CPC Central Committee was unveiled on Sunday with President Xi Jinping at its helm promising a new era of China’s modernization and more partnership with the world for a better shared future.

On Monday, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Dr. Zhou Pingjian told a press conference at the embassy that the Chinese government is open to more trade and with Kenya and other African countries for a mutual benefit.

“Under Kenya’s new leadership, the Chinese government is open to large-scale trade with Kenya and other African countries,” Ambassador Zhou told a press conference, “we will work to create more job opportunities in Kenya by having more products from Kenya and China importing them.”

“Going forward, the priority of the partnership is based on cooperation and seeing each other as equal partners,” he said.

Ambassador Zhou said China’s partnership with African countries is always based on mutual cooperation as it regards countries as equal partners.

“On Sunday, the top leadership was elected,” Dr. Zhou said, “The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee is President Xi Jinping. He promises a new era of China’s modernization by ensuring common prosperity, cultural and ethical enrichment and by promoting humanity in harmony with nature.”

President Xi, who was elected general secretary of the 20th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee at its first plenary session last week, said he was happy to have established a moderately prosperous society according to plan, realizing the objective of the first centenary. .

“Now we confidently step forward on a new journey to make China a modern socialist country in all respects, to advance towards the goal of the second centenary, and to embrace the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization,” Xi said during his first press conference at the Great Hall of the People shortly after the congress.

He stressed that on the journey ahead, “we will always keep an entrepreneurial spirit. Building a modern socialist country in all respects has been the long-standing goal and dream of the Chinese nation. To achieve this, the Chinese people have offered sweat and toil. The CCP and our people have sought long and hard to pave a Chinese path to modernization. It is a big but enormous undertaking. The enormity of the task is what makes it great and infinitely glorious. Successive generations of dedicated Chinese have committed themselves to this noble cause, and with extraordinary effort they have paved the way from humble beginnings.”

Xi said the new CPC Central Committee will step forward with determination and shoulder more responsibilities.

“We must show greater historical initiative to adapt Marxism to the Chinese context and the needs of the times, write new chapters in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and strive to realize the dream Chinese National Renewal,” he said. .

He also underlined that on the road ahead, we will always act for the people and rely on them in everything we do. To date, we have achieved one extraordinary achievement after another by relying heavily on our people. In the future, we will continue to rely on them to create new historic achievements. The journey ahead is long and arduous, but with determined steps we will reach our destination. We won’t be intimidated by high winds, choppy waters or even dangerous storms because people will always support us and give us confidence. We will always weather the storm with our people and stay heart to heart with them. By taking their priorities as our own and acting on their wishes, we will continue the hard work to turn their aspiration for a better life into a living reality.

Xi stressed that on the road ahead, the CPC Central Committee should always push forward self-reform, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Xi stressed that on the road ahead, we will always uphold the common values ​​of mankind. The world is grappling with unprecedented challenges. We have constantly called on the peoples of the world to seize and shape the future and the destiny of humanity. When all countries pursue the cause of the common good, we can live in harmony, engage in cooperation for mutual benefit, and unite to create a better future. We will work with all other peoples to uphold humanity’s common values ​​of peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom, to promote global peace and prosperity, and to continue to pursue a human community of destiny.

Just as China cannot develop in isolation from the world, the world needs China for its development, Xi said. Over more than 40 years of relentless reform and opening up, we have created the twin miracles of rapid economic growth and long-term social stability. The Chinese economy has great resilience, potential and latitude. Its strong fundamentals will not change and it will remain on a positive long-term trajectory. China will open its doors ever wider. We will be determined to deepen reform and opening up at all levels and pursue high-quality development. A prosperous China will create many more opportunities for the world.

Xi stressed that the new journey ahead will be long and filled with glories and dreams. The roadmap has been drawn and the bugle has sounded. We must move forward with entrepreneurship and courage and strive to create an even better future for our country.

Over the past week, local and international media have extensively covered the 20th CPC National Congress. “With your help, the voice of China and the views of the CCP have been heard around the world, and the world has turned its eyes to China. Thank you for your hard work and a job well done!” Xi said. “We invite you to visit more places in the country and bring unbiased and truthful stories about China, the CCP and the new era we live in to the world,” he added.