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Launching “Digital Diplomacy” to Boost Trade with African Countries – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: An Islamabad-based think tank has launched a “digital diplomacy” initiative in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the business community to strengthen trade and cultural ties with African countries as well as boost the image of the Pakistan there.

The initiative was launched by the Center for Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) of DG Foreign Office Africa Naeem Khan.

Mr. Khan talked about Pakistan’s relations with various African nations and also gave a historical view of Pakistan-Morocco relations.

He highlighted the potentials for strengthening political and economic relations between the two countries and gave a brief overview of the recent high-level talks between Pakistan and Morocco.

Moroccan Ambassador Mohamed Karmoune highlighted the important agreements and events of the friendship trip.

He also mentioned various trade and exchange opportunities between the two countries, such as the development of joint ventures.

Speakers also stressed the need to promote cultural ties between the two Muslim nations.

Amna Malik, COPAIR Chair briefed the audience on digital diplomacy and how social influencers can be encouraged to be the digital ambassadors to project the positive image of Pakistan using the digital diplomacy platform.

She believes that digital tourism can promote socio-cultural relations between the two countries.

The speakers insisted that young people become digital diplomats to serve Pakistan and build stronger relations between Pakistan and Morocco as well as other countries.

Earlier, the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) highlighted the strengthening of trade ties with countries in the African continent.

ICCI Chairman, Mohammad Shakeel Munir said that Africa is a huge market, which still remains untapped and stressed that the government should focus on African countries to boost its trade and exports.

He said Pakistan has formulated the “Look Africa Policy” which should be fully implemented to improve trade relations with the African region.

He said Pakistan had good potential to export many products to Africa including rice, engineering products, electrical appliances, textiles, garments, pharmaceuticals, sporting goods, surgical instruments, cutlery, furniture and many more.

The ICCI Chairman said that Pakistan can import many products from African countries which offer competitive advantage in import.

Posted in Dawn, August 21, 2022