African markets

Maverick Media Monitoring launches MediaPlus in 16 African markets

Maverick Media Monitoring’s MediaPlus, a real-time media monitoring and SaaS platform, expands its

reach of new innovative means of media monitoring to 421 television and radio stations, measuring

and analysis of business spending and media advertising earnings in 16 African markets.

A statement from the firm listed the countries as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Guinea Conakry, Congo DRC, Uganda, Zambia, the sierra

Leone, Liberia, Cameroon, Gambia and Madagascar.

The statement said Maverick’s MediaPlus has expertise in the West and Central Africa sub-region and SSA, setting it apart “from the competition by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies in addition to the best minds in the industry to deliver real-time insights for your business.

Maverick tracks broadcasts for ad placements and reporting in more than 16 countries, spanning a mix of radio, TV, print, OOFI and online, according to the release.

Ato Micah, President of Maverick Media Monitoring notes, “We (Maverick) measure and track what West and Central Africans watch and listen to in real time leveraging technology to enable real time/day to day next day

compliance on an unprecedented scale.

Akinwale Adams, Group Managing Director, said, “Our desire is to create the hub/repository of CREDIBLE, PROMPT, FULLPROOF data and information that guides business decisions and performance in our markets, which currently spans Africa. of the West and Central and which are growing.

Customers have the ability to see on Maverick’s portal when and where their spots aired daily, get spot check reports giving a current view of any brand’s share of spend or activity within

its product category.

There is also brand tracking and measurement, AD reconciliation and compliance, and proof of

performance audits of corporate advertising buys to document media compliance with live guidelines

reads/mentions, referral credits, proper use of scripts and creatives or any programming details.

Category-level insight and analysis of competitor ad placement, spend, media mix and messaging. the

the most direct and cost-effective way to get a macro view of a product category’s competitive landscape.

The company said: “Testimonials from satisfied customers speak volumes about efficient delivery and quality support.

delivery service.

“Our technology comes from long productive years of painstaking and detailed research into everyone’s pain point.

stakeholders in the media sector whose need to use advertising budgets wisely or to increase revenue remains unresolved. Our multilingual databases allow us to serve customers across borders” Daniel

Mosmondor, technology partner/head of development of MediaPlus

“Through our relationship with Maverick, we have seen quality service and professionalism.

“The work they provide is lacking in the region and as pioneers they are already setting the bar high by

perform according to international standards. Maverick is a great addition for advertising agencies and their clients,” Marie – Sandrine Dodo, Snr. Media Manager, Dentsu, Ivory Coast.

My experience as a customer has been very positive. The reports and analyzes carried out by Maverick are

very accurate and never fail to add great value to our global marketing teams. We can’t wait to see what the future holds! Issa Bamba, former media director, Unilever

French speaking Africa.

“Thanks to the monthly advertising reports that Maverick Media Monitoring provides us with at the start of

each month, I can follow the evolution of the advertising market more easily. The team is responsive and

listening”, Emilie FIENAFF Marketing Director, Life TV, Ivory Coast.