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Morocco, among the most influential African countries in the world | Atalayar

The British consulting firm Brand Finance recently published its “Soft Power Index” report, in which Morocco ranks in the “top” of the most influential African countries in the world.

This report is based on a series of surveys carried out with personalities from more than a hundred countries, including representatives of the business world, civil society and decision-makers. JThe 2022 edition placed Morocco in the first positions established after analysis of the data collected; a position that demonstrates the Kingdom’s leadership among African countries and places it far ahead of Algeria or Tunisia.

PHOTO/AFP – Terminal I of the port of Tangier Med, in the northern city of Tangier

“Brand Finance” defines soft power as “the ability of a nation to influence the preferences and behaviors of various actors on the international stage through attraction or persuasion and not just coercion”. A meaning that after these results largely explains the privileged situation that Morocco is going through.

The total score obtained by the Kingdom was 34.9 points, thus improving its record of the previous year and climbing two places in this ranking. This change is mainly due to a significant improvement in its “international relations” index, which rose 13 places.

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But that was not the only determining factor. According to Brand Finance’s analysis, its good business climate and improved “media and communication” and “science and education” categories were also critical to its bottom line. Another heavyweight has been the Kingdom’s response to the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within this ranking, the United States stands out, which managed to reach the first place with a score of 70.7 ahead of the United Kingdom (64.9) and Germany (64.6). For their part, China (64.2) and Japan (63.5) complete the world top 5.