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Naijacrypto expands its services to 5 new African markets.

Over the past few months, the African cryptocurrency industry has seen tremendous upside, ranging from substantial funding rounds to growing recognition by government agencies. The industry is ripe for a lot of growth in the coming months. Given these signals, it was no surprise that we learned that “Naijacrypto”, one of the most robust exchanges in Africa, had expanded to five new African markets and Great Britain. This is in addition to its significant presence in Nigeria and Kenya. The African markets added are; Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Cameroon and Burundi. Their US dollar deposit has also been reopened, providing an option for the rest of the world.

This expansion was highlighted in an email to their users from Naijacrypto CEO Chiagozie Iwu. Further investigation shows that every new currency has a fiat deposit or withdrawal method. It is also evident that new Fiat/crypto pairs have been added. However, Chiagozie has made it clear that more direct and cheaper deposit and withdrawal solutions for Fiat will be implemented in the coming months.

The Naijacrypto strategy is becoming more and more obvious. They have always emphasized that they want to ensure that blockchain powers a parallel and more inclusive financial system in Africa. Naijacrypto has built many amazing products over the past year, some of which are;

  1. A new mobile application that contains most of the same services that it offers on its web platform.
  2. A redesign of its “Naijapay” payment gateway. He has also created mobile applications for this service.
  3. Loans backed by cryptocurrencies.
  4. Futures exchange.
  5. Staking module.
  6. Added multi-channel functionality.
  7. A revamped IEO module and much more.

These additions are expected to increase trading volumes in the coming weeks. These are in addition to the already impressive volumes traded. A quick chat with Naijacrypto Dealing Desk Manager Sylvester Kalu revealed that Naijacrypto has moved over thirty million US dollars of cash through its retail and OTC desk in the last six months. This is impressive for an exchange the size of Naijacrypto. Sylvester also said that based on the partnerships being secured, we should see a geometric increase in transaction volumes in the coming months.

Existing Naijacrypto users seem to be excited about this expansion, with one user from their telegram group known simply as Cryptobull47 stating that “it’s too exciting. I have been using Naijacrypto for almost a year now; I saw a lot of additions to their platform during this time; nevertheless, this one exceeds it for me. Glad to see an African exchange looking beyond borders.” Naijacrypto has maintained a cordial relationship with its users over the years. His support is friendly and efficient. Most of the features it adds are usually a response to user requests. This warm relationship is reflected in its high user retention rate.

We hope to see even more markets and features added in the coming months. Naijacrypto consolidates its existence.






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