African markets

Nigerian B2B startup AlphaCX provides customer support solutions for African markets

Customer service remains a huge challenge in Nigeria, with businesses, support agents and customers having a fair share of the problems. Companies buy expensive but complex solutions that are not user-friendly and negatively impact the ability of support teams to quickly log and track customer issues.

Failure to satisfy customers ultimately results in loss of customer loyalty, business revenue, and reputational damage, apart from fines that may be incurred by regulators.

That is changing as Nigerian B2B startup AlphaCX Platforms is on a mission to provide customer engagement infrastructure to African businesses. AlphaCX has built a platform that understands companies’ shared pain points, namely the need to resolve customer complaints with speed and simplicity.

“Time is our most valuable asset as businesses and humans, we want closure as soon as possible”, says Dabo Owen Etela, CEO and co-founder of AlphaCX Platforms.

AlphaCX enables businesses to meaningfully communicate with customers from live chat, email, WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. The product includes ticketing helpdesk, customer feedback ratings, knowledge base and self-service portal. With other features such as chat support, automated SLAs and ticket distribution including voice, video and AI capabilities in their product roadmap. With AlphaCX, organizations quickly see an overall 30% improvement in answering customer questions and team performance.

The global customer engagement market is currently valued at $15 billion and is expected to reach $30 billion by 2026. The African market is estimated to have made $1 billion in 2020 but could reach $4 billion in three years.

“We are targeting a significant share of this market,” says Dabo, who was one of those who believed in African solutions by Africans.

“Most solutions don’t meet the demands of African businesses, especially when it comes to enterprise software, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Software products should be created and localized specifically for regions. As cultures are different, so are purchasing power, regulations and processes, which vary from company to company and country to country.

Dabo Owen Etela, an expert in the field of Customer Relationship Management Systems, has provided customer support solutions for major companies such as Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) and Coronation Merchant Bank.

“We have Cardinalstone registrars supporting millions of customers using AlphaCX”.

Dabo explained that “Compliance is critical for financial institutions operating in a highly regulated landscape like Nigeria. Companies want to plug in their core business applications to deliver personalized service, so we factored data privacy into our customer success strategy.”

AlphaCX offers free and paid plans for small, medium and large businesses, which need to deliver customer-centric innovation to stay competitive and relevant and to meet ever-changing customer needs and expectations.

The team, which has been operating quietly since May 2021, has Dabo Owen Etela as CEO, Keme Kenneth as head of product engineering and Muna Nwuju in charge of customer success.