African cultures

Nora Fatehi on the representation of African cultures, Afro dance and African beauty in Dance Meri Rani

Nora Fatehi has won the title of Ultimate Bollywood Dance Diva, thanks to her immensely popular dance numbers. She is often seen in unconventional looks on par with global trends of international pop icons.

Originally from North Africa, Nora showcased a mix of diverse cultures and styles from different parts of Africa in her latest album, Dance meri rani. Along with authentic Afro dance moves from countries like Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana, Nora also made sure to achieve the right look by donning ash blonde curly hair for one of the looks in the song.

Nora Fathi

Revealing the inspiration for the look, Nora shared, “Growing up I was surrounded by beautiful African women, be it family members, friends, my mom, who were lucky enough to have beautiful curly hair. I have always been in awe of the variety of beauty we have in Africa, from different skin tones to different hair textures. And I have always wanted to celebrate that as an artist. For years now , I have seen international artists beautifully portray African hairstyles, fashion and dance in various content across the world. The African in me has always wanted to celebrate Afro beauty and Afro dance on a large scale through my art ! With Dance meri rani, I knew this was my chance to do it!

If you haven’t listened to the song yet, check it out now.