African markets

Pakistan ready to explore African markets

By Maureen Okon

The Pakistani government says the ongoing engineering and healthcare exhibition in Punjab is a platform to connect with African markets and boost the economy.

The Governor of Punjab, Mr. Mohammed Sarwar, said this on Friday in Lahore at the inauguration of a three-day Engineering and Health Expo 2022, which will be held from February 25-27.

The exhibition was organized by Ministry of Commerce and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan in Lahore, the capital of Punjab State, Pakistan.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the show is a unique effort to move Pakistan’s engineering and health sectors into an export stage that focuses on African markets.

The expo brought trade commissioners from 46 African countries to Pakistan to build trade links with companies and signal Pakistan’s willingness to do business internationally.

Also, the program has top exporters from 21 engineering sectors of Pakistan.

Sarwar said it was a great honor to welcome delegates from 46 countries across Africa to the event held in Punjab, Pakistan.

“It is a matter of great pleasure that the fair is a unique effort to give these sectors much-needed international recognition, it indicates that the government is ready to strive to diversify its trade.

“I am sure that the Ministry of Commerce and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan will make great strides towards improving Pakistan’s export potentials to the international market.

“Our government is working proactively to improve the state of Pakistan’s economy, and Pakistan needs to diversify both its products and its market to become an export-oriented powerhouse.

“I am also confident that the exhibition will give these sectors the kind of exposure they need to strengthen business ties with the country of Pakistan and to demonstrate Pakistan’s willingness to do business,” he said.

He added that he was sure that given the good atmosphere and government support in these regions, businesses can strive for everyone.

Speaking earlier, Pakistan’s Commerce Secretary Muhammad Faruqi said more than 300 delegates from various countries in Africa attended the inaugural event.

“As you know, the government of Pakistan since the onset of COVID-19 has tried to combat the threat of the pandemic but at the same time keep pace in terms of economic and social development.

“It has brought fruits to us and the nation.

“This is a unique and first of its kind exhibition and we are projecting pharmaceuticals and other health related companies and industries among others and here you will find companies from nooks and crannies of Pakistan to exhibit their products.

“And, we hope both sides of our foreign and local affairs would be able to find their partner and merge the whole exercise for their mutual benefits,” he said. (NAN)(