Residents of the township of Medina fight against zoning change


It’s not just the specific green space off Interstate 71 just west of the freeway on Route 3 and before Old Weymouth Road, it’s what would then come around the intersection and then westbound on 3 in Medina which worries the group struggling with a potential zoning change.

Jim Bilek and a group of residents of Medina Township are fighting a zoning change plan that would allow Sheetz to build at the southeast corner of 3 and Old Weymouth Road.

“Once that domino falls it opens the whole intersection for truck stops, it opens it for fast food stores,” he said.

The township zoning commission will hold a public hearing on the matter Monday night at Heartland Community Church on Weymouth Road, and then the commission will give a recommendation to township administrators on how best to move forward.

Township administrator Mike Stopa said he has an open mind at the moment and no decision has been made and there will be a lot of public discussion before a decision is made .

Stopa said he had received at least a hundred emails regarding the zoning issue, so he is well aware that it has caught the attention of township residents.

The group urging administrators to refuse this said there are plenty of other options for gasoline and fast food, from top to bottom of 71, without destroying the township’s green spaces, not to mention the potential for spills or d ‘other events that could harm the environment.

Bob Steinmetz, was on the design committee when the Holy Martyrs Church was built.

“We have spent a lot of time trying to make sure that this building and the grounds incorporate the natural beauty of the area,” he said.

Scott Benson thinks it’s an easy decision for administrators, simply based on why people moved to Medina Township.

“The trustees owe it to all of these residents to maintain the terms we have all subscribed to,” he said.

Monday’s meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

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