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“The potential of the great Bangladesh, African markets remain unknown”

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Nov. 19, 2021, 3:41 p.m.

South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Dr Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor said the great potential of the African and Bangladeshi markets remains unrecognized.

“Africa’s potential has not yet been recognized in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s potential has not been recognized by the African market,” she said, emphasizing greater collaboration as there is a lot to offer for mutual benefit.

Dr Grace made the remarks when addressing reporters after attending a program titled “Bangladesh-South Africa Bilateral Relations: Exploring Potentials for Future Engagement and Cooperation”.

The South African minister said he wanted Bangladeshi companies to establish branches in South Africa and other African countries and more goods to be imported by Bangladesh, UNB reports.

“Today, Bangladesh is a market of over 160 million people. It’s a big market. Africa has over a billion people. It’s a big market. big ambitions, ”she said, adding that they must encourage their countries to do more.

Foreign Minister Dr Momen attended the program as a guest of honor organized by the Bangladesh Institute for International and Strategic Studies (BIISS).

Focus on Bangladesh

Dr Momen said Bangladesh has special attention and priority for African countries, especially South Africa.

Calling Africa an emerging giant in the world, he said Bangladesh is trying to develop its relations with African countries both in terms of trade and investment by taking all precautionary measures.

Dr Momen said that South Asia is also emerging as an attractive part of the world and it is a land of opportunity. “We would love to see others come and invest here.”

Speaking as the main guest, the Foreign Minister said that the scope of trade and economic relations between Bangladesh and South Africa was expanding and that there was still a huge opportunity to strengthen these relationships to promote economic growth and create employment opportunities.

He said Bangladesh has opened investment windows for different sectors including ready-to-wear, pharmaceuticals, fisheries and tourism.

The South African Foreign Minister hailed the remarkable socio-economic development of Bangladesh under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

She expressed her satisfaction that the two countries have already signed important agreements under discussion and mentioned that the two countries have a lot of possibilities for technical exchanges.

Equity of vaccines

Responding to a question on the vaccine problem, the South African minister said the promise of the public good had not been honored and the poor were at the back of the pack, especially Africa was not receiving the necessary vaccines. .

“So we call on all world leaders to honor the promise that vaccines should be a public good and we should all be safe,” she said.

The South African minister said they must ensure that Africa and all the countries of the world receive enough vaccines to immunize at least 60% of their population and that this global inequality must end.

BIISS Director General Major General Md Emdad-Ul-Bari said that the spirit of the relations between the two great nations lies in the philosophy of two timeless voices in history, the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Nelson Mandela (affectionately known as Madiba) to his people.

They have become iconic figures who have inspired oppressed and exploited people to stand up for their rights, he said.

Bari said that Bangladesh and South Africa have a historic relationship as the two countries share a common history of struggle and emancipation.

The official diplomatic relationship between the two nations was established on September 10, 1994 with the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as President of South Africa.

Since then, he said, the two nations have enjoyed a warm relationship of mutual respect and cooperation.

Bari focuses on Bangladesh-South Africa bilateral relations, strengthening ties through solidarity, friendship and cooperation. “Bangladesh is working to promote South-South cooperation in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.”

Senior officials from different ministries, ambassadors and high commissioners, senior civil and military officials, media, academics, teachers and students from different universities participated in the program and shared their views during the town hall session. .