African countries

Turkish Foreign Minister meets other counterparts from African countries

Bilateral meetings take place in the framework of the third Turkey-Africa partnership summit in Istanbul

The Turkish Foreign Minister continued Friday to meet his counterparts from African countries within the framework of the third summit of the Turkey-Africa partnership in Istanbul.

“Continuation of our bilateral exchanges with FM @OJerandi from #Tunisia amp; Trade and Industry Minister Mulenga Chipoka of #Zambia, ”Mevlut Cavusoglu wrote on Twitter, sharing photos of his meetings.

Later that day, Cavusoglu wrote: “The last bilateral meetings of the day were with FM @Lamamra_dz from # Algeria, Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah from #Liberia amp; Simeon Oyono Angue from # Equatorial Guinea. “

Earlier today, addressing the three-day summit which runs through Saturday, Cavusoglu said Turkey’s approach to its relations with Africa is “strategic and long-term.”

More than 100 government ministers and 16 presidents from Africa are attending the summit which is being held under the theme of enhanced partnership for common development and prosperity.

The first Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit was held in Istanbul, the second in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, and the third at the Istanbul Congress Center in Turkey’s commercial capital.

As part of the government’s awareness-raising policy in Africa, Turkey’s engagement with Africa has accelerated in recent years, notably President Recep Tayyip’s revolutionary visits to several countries on the continent.

Turkey has stated that its African policy, which encompasses political, humanitarian, economic and cultural ties, is part of its multidimensional foreign policy and is pursued in a spirit of win-win relations.