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US professor urges African countries to counter foreign interference and undue pressure

Addis Ababa January 13, 2022/ENA/ African countries must work together to counter foreign interference and undue pressure, urged an American associate professor at Los Angeles City College Lee Conquizca.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian News Agency, Dr. Lee Conquizca said African countries must unite to thwart foreign interference and undue pressure against the continent.

Conquizca appreciated the #NoMore movement that engulfed the continent and beyond in response to Western power’s bullying of Ethiopia.

“The movement proves that Africa is for Africans and that it does not want unwarranted foreign intervention in its internal affairs,” he said.

The associate professor, who is now in Addis Ababa as part of the Great Homecoming Initiative, said Ethiopia is a beacon of African freedom and the cradle of their struggle.

Thus, Conquizca said that everywhere black people support the struggle of Ethiopians in their fight against the war waged by neo-colonial powers.

Acknowledging that Ethiopia is grappling with the Western conspiracy and struggling against the enormous pressure, he called on all African countries to work together to prevent foreign interference and undue pressure.

Last week, Dr. Conquizca had the opportunity to visit some of the areas in the Afar and Amhara regions that the terrorist TPLF had caused massive destruction. During his visit, he expressed his sadness over the destruction of war by the terrorist group.

Appreciating the hospitality he received and caring for Ethiopians like family, the associate professor said the rehabilitation effort needed to be stepped up quickly to help the victims.

“The beautiful people here with their amazing culture have treated me like family and I’m really grateful for that respect. But it’s very sad to see that the conflict has caused many crises against the community. I can’t wait until until we find the solution to our problems…”, he said.

Conquizca, who is also an African-American and Pan-African advocate, said Africa needs its citizens living abroad for a better future.

He added that cooperation between Africans at home and abroad will enable the continent to develop. However, if Africans continue to scatter, their suffering will continue, he noted.

According to him, Africa does not need anything from the rest of the world, but what the world expects a lot from Africa. Accordingly, the Associate Professor emphasized that Africans must unite against foreign interference and pressure.

“Africans at home and abroad need each other and the African continent needs the African Diaspora. The African Diaspora needs the African continent. We come together and solve all the problems that would allow us to become great…the other thing that I believe is that we don’t need outside influences. Africa does not need the world, rather the world needs Africa. All the resources used by industries around the world come from Africa.

Speaking on the #NoMore movement, the Associate Professor said the movement which has been started by Ethiopian activists shows that Africa does not want intervention, adding that “Africa’s misery will not end. if we don’t stop interfering”.

As the #NoMore movement asserts that Africa belongs only to Africans, Conquizca stressed that African leaders must work together to ensure sustainable development if they are to achieve Africa’s growth and prosperity. .

“What we need to do is and I would suggest to African leaders to allow only Africans at home and abroad, from the continent as well as from the Diaspora to participate in the development of Africa. foreign intervention, we are going to suffer. For me, the #NoMore movement means more foreigners