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West, Russia rally African countries to court ties amid Russia-Ukraine war

AFRICA: In an attempt to foster ties with African countries that were neither indifferent nor sympathetic to Western condemnation and sanctions against Russia for its continued invasion of Ukraine, the two giant nations are rallying the African continent for a distinct purpose. , but similar.

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Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister visited Denis Sassou Nguesso, the President of the Republic of the Congo. This, according to reports, makes it the second leg of such a tour aimed at strengthening ties with the mainland.

Transcontinental Times has learned that the Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Egypt before going to Congo and Uganda. However, his next trip is planned to Ethiopia.

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According to reports, Emmanuel Macronthe French president and Mike Hammer, the United States’ special envoy to Somalia, will visit certain African countries this week.

In detail, Macron will tour Benin, Cameroon and Guinea-Bissau. On the other hand, the American envoy to Somalia will visit Egypt and Ethiopia

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In a newspaper column, Lavrov praised the African continent for its resistance to the “Western attempts to impose a unipolar world order.

“We appreciate the thoughtful African position on the situation in and around Ukraine,” Lavrov wrote in the column, adding that African countries had fallen under “unprecedented” Western pressure to join the sanctions.

However, the Russian Foreign Ministry, through Lavrov’s spokesman, noted that relations between the Congo and Russia date back to the Soviet era, adding that 8,000 Congolese had studied in Russia.

Many African countries have synonymous ties with the Western nation and the dissolved Soviet Union (Russia). Due to their entangled relations, these African countries have avoided interfering in the ongoing confrontation between Russia and Ukraine.

For example, some countries are heavily dependent on Russian imports of certain agricultural products such as grain and energy products. This has caused the prices of goods in these countries to skyrocket.

In addition, some countries also import from Ukraine as they maintain trade ties with the western world.

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