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Wolftank operates successfully in African markets thanks to strong partners

Wolftank industrial coatings have been used on the African continent for many years thanks to a strong network of distribution partners. In countries like Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt and many others in the South, Wolftank solutions are often requested by both large energy companies and local retailers.

Wolftank, a global partner

Wolftank provides its industrial coating technologies and services worldwide. The company has offices in more than six countries and operates worldwide also through a strong network of partners.

In the case of the African continent, many companies have already applied Wolftank’s coating solutions and have been operating successfully in the market for years.

The African market and Wolftank

The latest projects implemented in Africa have demonstrated how these markets rely on refurbishing quality tanks instead of installing new ones. The lower costs, as well as the high quality of the repaired installations, provide the customer with a sustainable solution that is difficult to refuse.

But what are the peculiarities of the African market and how does Wolftank operate there? African economies and its energy sector are developing to a large extent. In particular, the coverage of retail gas stations on the continent shows a trend of increasing density alongside the growth of local mobility.

In addition, there is another important factor that puts Wolftank at the center of the market. Avoiding environmental pollution and the loss of expensive fuel is a growing problem on the African continent. In this regard, the refurbishment of the tanks, as well as the environmental services that Wolftank also provides, make it possible to correct and prevent any type of pollution. Therefore, customers also feel more secure in this regard.

Some of Wolftank’s latest projects in Africa

The latest projects on the continent show how Wolftank is fully established in many places thanks to its local partners. They provide a full service ensuring that Wolftank technologies are always applied according to the correct rules. To this end, an essential subject for the Austrian company is the in-depth training of local technicians. With correct application, success is guaranteed.

Some examples of work developed in Africa this year:

Nigeria is one of the African countries where Wolftank operates with local partners. The company has a partnership with Smartflow Technologies, which applies tank coating systems.

In this context, Smart flow technologies recently received an application from a large global energy company. Epoflex tank liner, due to its excellent chemical resistance, provides a high quality solution as a liner. In addition, Smartflow had already worked with him in many previous projects, always with excellent results.

To guarantee the highest level of security as well as the correct application of technology, Wolftank has provided Smartflow with the full equipment necessary for the activity, of course all EX certified. As soon as all the materials were received, the project began.

Smartflow, with the support of Wolftank, provided services including inspection of the tank walls, to establish the level of damage, leak points and the condition of the tank. As human input is required in this phase, the tank has been properly cleaned, degassed and electrically sanded or brushed. After evaluation, each hole or damage found was repaired in isolation. After completing the coating of the Epoflex tank, the life of the remanufactured tank was extended by over 15 years.

In the case of Morocco, through the local partner Petromat, a complete repair of the tanks was recently carried out at a large international energy company.

The process included repair with Epoflex Klebmoertel Nand Epoflex tank liner.

The refurbished tanks had a capacity of 30 m3 and the entire coating project took five days, including here opening the manhole, degassing and cleaning the tank before proceeding, as well as closing the manhole. and connecting the pipes thereafter.

Wolftank relies on Colvic SA as a tank coating partner in South Africa. This company is a provider of solutions for the safe storage and distribution of fuels to the retail and commercial petrochemical industry.

One of the latest projects developed by Colvic consisted of 5 underground tanks of 23,000 liters. All tanks had to be coated. This means that they have all been previously degassed and properly cleaned. The results have been excellent and the customer is now ready to use them for a long time.

The TPS group was Wolftank’s first customer in Africa and the fruitful collaboration has continued for almost a decade. With its head office located in Dar es Salaam, TPS has become a benchmark for many companies across Tanzania and its neighboring countries including Kenya, Uganda and Malawi.

The collaboration has included more than 15 tank coating campaigns since its inception. As an example, TPS recently repaired and improved the life of many tanks for a large international company. The process always included sludge removal, ultrasonic testing, sandblasting, application of fiberglass or epoxy, filtration and water removal. As usual with all Wolftank partners, security measures have been fully taken into account.

In conclusion, these examples are perfectly representative of the way Wolftank operates on the African continent: strong partners, in-depth training of local teams and high quality solutions. Wolftank technologies are definitely everywhere in the world and Africa is no exception.

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